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my medium texts alex porto perrella
my medium texts alex porto perrella

Hello and welcome.

If you are reading this you are interested in learning more about what I do.

I organized my Medium stories in themes and will update this document with some selections of my work from time to time.

One of the things I enjoy talking about is my professional passion:

This is how I did it and you can do it too

Last year, I worked in a Smartshop — a shop that sells smart drugs — talking to people of many cultures and experience levels.

Now I’m heading to a new professional path; if you are interested in knowing my first steps, read closely.

My Background

I was born in Brazil, where I had the opportunity to learn about the traditional use of sacred tools empirically.

Growing up, I learned that several tribes still consecrate mystical rituals with sacred tools with the intention of introducing their young to the use of nature to heal their minds and bodies, and to help their adults…

Definitely a question worth asking.

I see two big problems a psychedelic business must keep in sight:

1 - A Psychedelic trip is extremely hard to manipulate without ruining the experience;

2 - It's practically impossible to anticipate the effects of a psychedelic trip;

How do you even start to define a professional protocol to determine who is prepared for a psychedelic trip?

Beyond that, a mystical journey can leave the psychonaut vulnerable in many ways, how do we guarantee proper conduct in this context?

The Professional path of the modern “Medicine Man”

psychedelic professional dream trip
psychedelic professional dream trip

Professional Tripper

Psychedelic means manifestation of the mind.

Oxford Dictionary — Psychedelic
1950s formed irregularly from psyche + Greek dēlosclear, manifest’ + -ic.

Any event that results in the broadening of the mind can be classified as a psychedelic experience.

The mystical mental trip does not require the use of substances, though by consuming a psychedelic substance — like the psilocybe present in the magic mushroom — we can greatly increase the chances of a deeply meaningful journey.

The classic game for Super Nintendo teaches us an important lesson about Nirvana and spirituality.


Recently I got myself a Raspberry Pi Super Nintendo emulator. Now I can simply download any classic game and play at will.

Right now I’m in the middle of playing Earthbound and now I know why every “classic game everybody should play” always has Earthbound on them.

Dungeon after dungeon the game unfolds revealing a psychedelic side which does in fact feel like an expansion of the psyche and a journey of self-exploration.

If you never played it, I think it’s worth taking your time.

Today I want to talk about a super short part of the game. A…

How conformism silences your voice.

write better by not fitting in
write better by not fitting in

At our core, we desire acceptance from others, whether it is in the form of love for another person or group affirmation as a way to achieve status within society.

Humans also desire to be unique, special individuals. We want to feel that we have value and worth, so we will try to stand out from the crowd.

High Dimension = DMT

In my understanding, DMT gives us the vision of super high-frequency vibration (which gives us great insight over the mind) and Salvia gives us the vision of very low-frequency vibrations, more like the broad energy of the fabric of reality itself.

A small note: Depending on the dose and extraction of the Salvia, the trip can be extremely physical and low vibration or it can be very mental with entire lifetimes lived in the realm of the mind.

DMT is usually more comfortable because — I think — it shows us the inner working of the mind and kind of…

O que o método de Wycoff nos revela sobre o preço de Nano / Ether

Hoje é Quarta feira, 17 de Fevereiro de 2021.

O método de Wyckoff é baseada na ideia de que pode-se criar uma imagem mental de um ser responsável por todas as forças relevantes no mercado de ações.

A esse ser mental, ele deu o nome de Homem Composto e é simplesmente a ideia de que podemos pensar em todas as baleias do mercado como uma baleia só e isso poderá nos ajudar a planejar nossas ações do mercado.

Observando esse coletivo de baleias, Wyckoff delimitou algumas fases no preço de ativos que nos permite entender o que está acontecendo no…

Tirando o máximo de seu investimento

trade cripto
trade cripto

Só Invista No Que Você Acredita

Você tem seu projeto favorito e percebe que seu preço está drasticamente menor do que você acredita que ele vale.

Os fundamentos do projeto indicam que o futuro dessa moeda é promissor e você decide investir nela.

Um dos approaches que fazem mais sentido para mim é de, como princípio, procurar ter a maior quantidade de tokens da criptomoeda possível.

Se você acredita que esse projeto tem futuro e que o preço está mais baixo do que deveria, então essa é uma ótima oportunidade para adquirir criptomoedas.

Comprado, seus fundos estão cheios.

O tempo passa e o preço sobe, cai…

Como prever resistência diagonal com Fibonacci

Importância de identificar resistência

A grande vantagem de saber em quais pontos o preço terá dificuldades de passar é fundamental para o planejamento de compra e venda.

Os pontos em que o preço leva mais tempo para passar são os que uma decisão importante pode ocorrer.

Uma ajustamento no plano pode ser necessário, ou as vezes uma ação mais imperativa é apropriada.

Hoje falaremos sobre a uma ferramenta de análise técnica dos preços de Criptomoedas que usa a proporção áurea para projetar no gráfico um mapa de resistências em orientação diagonal.

Alexandre Porto

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.

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