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Hello and welcome.

If you are reading this you are interested in learning more about what I do.

I organized my Medium stories in themes and will update this document with some selections of my work from time to time.

One of the things I enjoy talking about is my professional passion:

The trip depends on YOU, not on the psychedelic!

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To new psychonauts — mind explorers — the fear of an overwhelmingly challenging trip is often present. When I worked in Amsterdam speaking about psychedelics the number one question for beginners looking to experiment with psychedelics was:

“Will I have a bad trip?”

I heard this question just about every single workday and I still had to think deeply when answering it.

Learning to Balance Flexibility and Rigidity

bend not break samurai fighting

I want to quickly discuss the Martial Arts concept of bending without breaking.

In the game of chess, if you hold on too tightly your opponent will find a key weakness in your rigid structure and shatter it. In Relationships, if you are too rigid and your partner feels that they cannot change or express themselves freely, they will rebel against you. Learn to bend without breaking, otherwise, you will become brittle and eventually break under far lesser pressures than what the world can muster.

Rigidity offers the path, flexibility the progress.

Get more out of your trip by knowing what to expect from a psychedelic experience.

5 stages of the psychedelic journey
5 Stages of the Psychedelic Trip — Illustration by Arianna Lusardi

Each psychedelic journey is unique. Do not be alarmed if your experience does not correspond with what is described in this article.

What can psychedelics teach us about living without fear of death?

eleusinian mystery secret
Painting by Henryk Siemiradzki, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons — Phryne at the Poseidonia in Eleusis

In the excellent book “The Immortality Key” the author Brian Muraresku reveals the most famous of the secret Greek religions, the Eleusinian Mysteries which are theorized to have conducted annual psychedelic rituals observed from c. 1600 BCE — 392 CE.

“Mysteries” refers to the annual festival held at Eleusis (the Mystēria), rather than to the religion itself.

Eleusinian initiates who lived through the rituals are known to have said that the secrets revealed during the journey are of tremendous importance for civilized life, in such a way that these secrets act like a glue that holds society together, and it…

How can LSD and Mushrooms change how we see ourselves?

know yourself psychedelics
Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons — Edited by the Author

To conquer yourself, one has to have a self.

One’s identity as an individual should be completely obliterated for your own self to be conquered. If the self-identity of an individual is not so easily destroyed, then it cannot be said that this person has conquered himself or herself. Because this kind of complete self-knowledge and control requires constant change.

Finding the Self

The Sun herb is your new herbal ally that will improve your life.

kanna sun herb
Nicolas Poussin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons — Edited by the author

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a sacred African plant that was traditionally used by the Khoi and San tribes as one of their main medicinal herbs.

This plant was initially imported to the world by the Dutch when they noticed the tribes in their colonies in Africa were using Kanna daily to improve the lives of both healthy and unhealthy people.

The two African tribes that are most commonly linked with the use of Sceletium are the San (hunter-gatherers) and the Khoi (pastoralists). …

These plants are your allies for improving the mood and enhancing performance in bed and life.

natural sexual stimulants
Sexual Plants — Pating by Eugene de Blaas, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

My career took a sharp turn when in 2019 I had the opportunity to work in a smartshop in Amsterdam.

Since then, I have learned to use natural tools in a totally different way than before.

By speaking with nearly thousands of people every week for one year about the responsible use of psychedelics and other sacred plants, I developed a perspective that aligns with what I learned from tribal medicine men and women — shamans — who believe that we can become allies with plants.

Your New Allies

To ‘create an ally’ means to develop your relationship with the plant and learn…

Understand yourself better by recording your dreams in your Dream Journal.

make dream journal
Painting by: Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Dream Journal

A dream journal is a diary or a notebook where you write down your dreams. This is an excellent tool for practicing dream recall.

As you try to go over and express your dreams on paper, memories, and fragments of the dream will be easily accessible to you, and it will be easier to rebuilt the storyline of the dream when you re-analyze your dreams in the future.

In order to better understand yourself, a clear insight into your subconscious is extremely useful. In order to do this one of the most accessible ways is to investigate your own dreams.

Dream herbs: Vivid dreams, better dream recall, and deeper sleep. Let Nature Heal You.

dream herbs for lucid dreams
Top 5 Dream Herbs — Painting by Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The oneirogenic plants (óneiros = “dream” and gen = “to create) are a group of herbs and plants that are able to enhance the dream state and increase the chances of lucid dreaming:

Lucid dreamers who use herbs as allies for subconscious exploration report that the use of oneirogenic plants improves dream exploration by making the dream:

  • Appear more vividly and clear than usual: Rich in color, details, and allegories;
  • Easier to recall;

During the lucid dream, the person is aware of the fact that is dreaming without waking up.

To experience the lucid dream state is like living vicariously…

Alexandre Porto

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.

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