What Makes A Good Political Writer?

Right or left, how to write about politics:

Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

I think a good writer is someone who can see the world from multiple perspectives. They understand that there are often many sides to an argument, and they know how to communicate these different points of view in such a way as to make it easier for people on both sides of the issue to understand.

For example, if someone is an atheist and a religious right-winger at the same time, then that person might be able to see from both sides of the fence and communicate those feelings in a way that would help people on both sides understand each other better.

This is a bit of an oversimplification because there are many forms of atheism and many forms of religion. But I think that it’s still possible to generalize.

And it’s not just the topic of religion that can be discussed from multiple perspectives. I think politics is another good example.

A good writer understands that people on the left and on the right in politics are all human, so they try to understand those people’s motivations. I think a good political writer is able to write from multiple perspectives so that people who hold different beliefs can relate to what they’re saying.

For example, if someone on the left is speaking to a group of people who strongly identify with their right-wing beliefs, then that person shouldn’t talk down to them. They should try and speak in such a way that those people will be able to understand the point of view coming from the other side.

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