The War Against Antiworkers

Reddit r/antiwork controversy: Watters makes 2 million a year and thinks you are lazy. The Birth of the Work Reform Movement.

reddit antiwork subreddit
Reddit antiwork controversy

If you didn’t see it yet, there is some drama going on the Redditverse about a recent interview that aired on FOX news where one of the moderators from the r/antiwork subreddit on Reddit went live from his webcam and made the entire movement look like a group of lazy people and resulted in the subreddit going private(basically closing doors temporarily) and a ton of bans.

The antiwork subreddit is private but you can read more about the worker's movement here:

Of course, this interview was a trap, to begin with, but to lay a trap like this FOX had to make themselves vulnerable, it is just unfortunate that that specific user was not the man for the job. So today I would like to tackle some of these vulnerabilities.

I want you to keep in mind that Fox news host Jesse Watters makes $2 million a year and has a net worth of $5 million, according to Ibtimes.

Fox interview.

The interview is a segway from the host Jesse Watters’ routine of creating a sense of fear in the viewer by showing a graph that starts in 2014 — 5 years before the subreddit’s creation — which causes a sudden rise of the slope. This is a common trick some people like to use to induce a certain interpretation of the data they show.

antiwork Reddit growth

Next, they cut to our interview with the “ANTI-WORK” leader of operations.

The host is Jesse Watters, who graduated with a degree from Trinity College in 2001 and immediately got a job at Fox. 4 years later he had his own show. He makes 2 million a year now. Keep this in mind, please.

He opens the interview with:

“Why do you like the idea of being at home not working but still getting paid by corporate America?”

And then he continues:

“This is not slave labor. You applied for a job, you agreed with the terms and conditions of the employment and you can walk away from that job anytime you want to quit, so I don’t understand what this really is about, except that it sounds like people are just being lazy. Are you encouraging people to be lazy?”

It makes a lot of sense that a guy who makes 2 million a year would think that people have a choice in the terms and conditions imposed by the employer.

“ … you can walk away from that job anytime you want to quit…”

Jesse Watters has enough money to last his lifetime and of some other generations — did I mention he makes 2 million a year? — he can quit any job anytime he wants to quit. Hell, he can even retire right now and still live a wealthy life.

What he doesn’t understand is that my rent is $1.400 and I work 8 hours a day 7 times a week making a total of 1600, plus the few dollars I make with Medium and I also have a family to feed with the rest of the money that goes for taxes, internet, phone and other members of the corporate world.

I am already working for the corporate world. It is not that I want to be sustained by it, I just want to stop being sucked dry. Food is getting more expensive, living is extremely expensive and we are living a species-level viral threat and still have to work my life away for 200 dollars a month.

Do you really think that I am in a position to negotiate the terms and conditions of the job? Either I accept the salary and hours I am offered or my family goes hungry and I have to live in the streets.

The anti-work movement is a movement of taking a step back and taking a deep breath. This is about finding our true power as individuals and collectively to finally stand up for ourselves and learn to fight the corporate forces that want to dry us out.

antiwork reddit
This man wants you to work.

And Fox forces this smirk down our gullets and this Jesse Watters — he never had to work for money — is telling me that people who work for their lives are lazy when they say that they are being pressed too much.

Why are you telling me to work, man? You are already rich enough to sustain many generations of your family.

Jesse Watters, a person who is paid to put people in tough spots and embarrass them in public picked on a vulnerable link of the chain that reverberated in the community, resulting in it shut down into itself.

I think this is extremely healthy for the movement because what is ephemerous is not real and in the end, only the essence of the movement will remain, and then we will gain our power.

Check out:

For all of you out there, stay safe.

Have a great journey.



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