Thanks for bringing it up, I should have mentioned this in the article.

First, each person reacts differently to consuming the seeds.

Even in low doses, the seeds can cause nausea and vomiting. In a ritualistic context, this is a moment of purge which represents spiritual and physical cleaning.

This is why I don't like the idea of consuming the LSA seeds in places I don't feel comfortable going through this cleaning process.

Usually, the way it goes is: after the participant chews and swallows a moderate amount of the seeds, they may feel a light-to-moderate stomachal discomfort that passes in the first 30 minutes and gradually goes away giving way to a euphoric state recognizable by the sensation that you are one with everything and everything is one with you.

Each psychonaut deals with this differently. I have a few examples from the Erowid Experience Vault.

Some psychonauts don't feel nausea at all -

From: Finding Doors in the Wall

by moderngirl

"I took the seeds the same way I had before, by crunching them up in my mouth and swallowing them. The seeds I buy from a headshop are already washed and peeled. I actually like the nutty, earthy taste of these seeds. I don't really get nausea with most things"

Others have their own routine

From: Bliss Before the Madness

H.B. Woodrose & Cannabis

by Maiki

"Within 15 minutes I became nauseous so I poured myself a glass of ginger beer and added extra ginger extract to it. (I read that if you’re feeling ill ginger can help relieve your stomach.) This seemed to help as my nausea stopped quickly after drinking it."

I find that it is important to eat lightly in the days leading up to the experience. And at least 4 hours on an empty stomach.

The following psychonaut had a hard time with the discomfort during the experience and by the end, she concluded:

From :Room Spinning, Stomach Churning, Head Racing, Toilet Hugging Bad Drunk Feeling

H.B. Woodrose

by girl

"Looking back, I should have

1)eaten only a little bland food before the trip, not a full meal or anything hard on the stomach,

2)started out by ingesting less than the suggested dosage of pods, and scraped and ground them better, and

3)smoked pot throughout the trip. Ironically, it was my nausea that made smoking unappealing for me during my trip, but as soon as I actually took a hit, my nausea calmed down drastically."

Each psychonaut has their way of dealing with it.

*Sacred seeds should be consumed with moderation and responsibility.

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.