So good to read your comment!

Thanks for the haiku. It remembered me a koan that Alan Watts talked about. To be brief:

Two male monks traveling through the forest. They come from a monastery that doesn’t allow for touching women.

In their path they find a large river. They observe a woman trying to cross the river and one of the monks decides to carry the lady across.

The other monk just observed and said nothing.

As soon as the monk carrying the woman finishes the crossing he leaves the woman and go on his way.

As they follow their journey the monks don’t share a word for miles and miles.

Finally one of the monks explodes:

“How could you do that? We have a divine vow to not ever touch a woman, let alone carry one!”

Calmly, the monkey who carried the lady across the river responded:

“I carried the woman across the river and left her there. You carried her with you all the way here.”

I feel both this koan and your haiku share a similar recommendation. Forget the attachments forever.

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.

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