James, I admire your work.

Really good read and it fits what I was telling my partner just yesterday:

Psychedelic research is in need of a more precise scientific language code.

Reading the book The psychedelic explorer's guide: safe, therapeutic, and sacred journeys. Dr. James Fadiman. I missed a precise documentation of the long-term effects of psychedelic use.

Not only that, the entire documentation of the scientific researches used as reference in the book just missed some objectivity.

I don't know yet how to put into words, but to synthesize it, it seems to me that we need to develop a new vocabulary to express the mental landscape that surfaces when the human body metabolizes the psychedelic substance.

Not only this, but we also need to develop a scientific code to quantify the abstract short and long-term effects of the psychedelic journey.

What is your opinion and how do we overcome this?

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.