I found that it is necessary to introduce the practice of interacting with life in real time.

This means that the understanding of the situation must not come from the inner mental projection of reality, but from genuine real-time exploration of the external reality.

Next time I talk to someone I must practice to empty the mind and to navigate reality in real time.

I should have my mind free of preconceived mental simulations.

I ran this conversation before in my head many times with multiple outcomes and I know what is the best course of action!

Real-time navigation of reality asks for complete presence of spirit (mind+body). In this way I have no time to navigate through my inner mind palace to check out what I did in my mental simulations.

Be aware of your body. Have trust in God, and give up self-vigilance. Understand that you can safely keep your awareness on the external world and still navigate reality adequately.

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.