I do this, but I have a different rhythm.

My present seems to change my vision of the future. I found that every 2 months my mind highlights a different path for the future.

I don't create a file on word, but I like writing on paper every time I have a new interesting view of the future that I would like to manipulate.

The mere exercise of visualizing the future and writing it down on paper is fantastic. The practice of "hold" a vision still in my mind is great, but it's also awesome to have a physical material piece of information containing my vision that I can manipulate and play with.

It's also interesting to compare the different trends in my personality changing every 2 months.

It gives me some perspective about who I am because when I compare my projections for the future I often notice that some things don't change. Ever.

This unchangeable part of my visions I believe tell a bit about who I truly am, the consistent part of my being.