For the last year I worked in a High-End smartshop in Amsterdam. Normally we serve mostly tourists because the natives from Amsterdam don't enjoying sharing crowded spaces with the tourists.

Gladly during the quarentine crisis the city became empty of outsiders and the Amsterdamers came to my store more and more often to try safe products that could bring psychedelic experiences.

Many of those people tried it for the first time and came back to tell me how it was.

One thing that was constant in my costumer's review was the strong idea that the Psychedelic Journey could be replicated WITHOUT any substance.

It was clear to many of my first timers that the state that the magic truffles or, LSA, or Salvia could be brought about with context. The big thing about these substances are, clearly, the chemical body and mind push, but mostly the CONTEXT of a psychedelic experience.

You prepare, you invite the substance in your body and after you focus your energy on the experience itself. And so you have a mind expanding experience.

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