Cool that you were open to intbnroduce yourself to cannabis. However, keep in mind that digested marijuana takes a different chemical structure than smoked weed, which can cause quite a psychedelic experience.

I have a lot of experience with cannabis and I never had a proper experience with edibles because I know how powerful the experience can be.

But even with the smoked or vaped, consuming cannabis means interfacing with another entity, and for a short window of time the plant has the privilege to experience life through our human experience. In this context I often feel that I have to be attentive not to loose grip on the experience

For me, cannabis is a great tool of self-improvement because it exposed me to the relatively safe challenge of keeping my shit together.

But for me to get to a point that I am so used to the effects that the high doesn't affect me I must build up a good tolerance, and if I were a casual cannabis consumer I may not find it too relaxing because the effects are much stronger for people who have not consumed it in a long time.

In other words, it takes training.

I would also like to point out that most commercial cannabis flowers are produced with artificial lights and are never allowed to generate seeds (that's why your buds are seedless) and this contribuites for a super developed flower that is quite nice aesthetically, but gives a paranoia-inducing high.

When choosing cannabis for casual smokers I always recommend looking for outdoor flowers with seeds in them. A flower that has completed its life-cycle has something easy-going about it that is hard to put into words.

I appreciate your post very much, I'll keep an eye in your work!

Have a great new year.

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.