Call The Spirit To Understand The World

To better manipulate ideas about the spirit, it’s imperative that everyone involved in the conversation share a compatible concept of spirit.

To me, Spirit is the particular geometry of any pattern.

Spirit, to me, is the identity of a being, or phenomenon, or behaviours or yet, anything that has any type of order.

This being so, I have an individual spirit.

This includes the geometry of my body; the frequency, volume, etc… of my voice; what I say and what I say; how I treat others; my past, present and future; all of these are expressions of Alexandre’s spirit.

Extrapolating this idea, a rock has a definite spirit at any given moment.

The spirit of the rock includes:

How light travels inside the body of the rock (like with precious gems);

How the rock affects the environment (like when it blocks an important path for animals, changing the entire landscape);

The particular shape of the rock;

And other things…

The conclusion is:

The spirit is a human concept that helps us manipulate a certain kind of idea.

If we are engaged in conversation with someone who forces another meaning to the word spirit, then the conversation will be challenging without first having a conversation about the word SPIRIT itself.

Any kind of pattern can be given a name by a human, and to this we call spirit.

The pattern of the sky getting cloudy and then raining with many thunders can be given a personality, like the name Zeus.

The panic that used to take over soldiers in ancient wars, infecting soldier by soldier, filling then with fear could be given a name, like Phobos.

The pattern that suggests that tomorrow is today plus yesterday (0+1+1+2+3+5+8…) can be called Fibonacci. And so, it becomes possible to have conversations about this pattern just by saying: Fibonacci Sequence.

The human being that grew up with my childhood, and had parents with similar personalities and with the same amount of brothers and sisters with similar personalities and the particular geometry organizations of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, systems and body can be called Alexandre Porto.




Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in the responsible use of psychedelics.

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Alexandre Porto

Alexandre Porto

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in the responsible use of psychedelics.

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