Bill Richards, psychedelic research pioneer speaks about the mystical experience with entheogens.

Why is it so hard to speak about the psychedelic experience?

The big trouble psychonauts often encounter is that the transcendental experience is super elusive and extremely hard to put into words.

In a talk at the ICPR 2016, Bill Richards brings a great image that illustrates the difficulty in describing deeper levels of consciousness:

William A. Richards is a…

Alex Belser, Ph.D. shows the results of an NYU psilocybin study with quotes from cancer patients on how the trip changed them.

cancer pacients mdma research

In 2016 the Open Foundation organized the ICPR, an event that brought the most reputable names in psychedelic research to share scientific finds in the responsible implementation of psychedelics in a balanced society.

This year — 2022 — the Open Foundation is again organizing this event and you can reserve…

Scientists believe that MDMA may be the cure for separateness and isolation.

MDMA research curing ptsd
Psychedelic use to cure isolation — Photo by Colter Olmstead on Unsplash

“Everything and everybody is an expression of something universal” is with this sentence that Adyashanti starts his talk about the illusion of separation.

Adyashanti speaks about the illusion of separation — Available on his Youtube channel

Arguably the biggest illusion that exists is that you are separated from others and…

Gift your love with something delicious that also has a lovely effect: Valentine’s day aphrodisiac herbs — gift idea!

valentine’s day gift for men and women aphrodisiac herb
Aphrodisiac Mix Gift for Valentine’s Day — Painting By Eugene de Blaas, Public domain

Come Valentine’s day and we see ourselves on the most romantic day of the year, with the person we love and the perfect gift. Hopefully, next 14 of February — Valentine’s day — your evening will feel like this.

If you are looking for Valentine’s day gift for someone who…

What if politicians, the military, Karens, boomers, and everyone else had a psychedelic experience?

dawn of psychonaut society
Psychonaut Society Cover Image — Photo by Jonathan Roger

Hello people!

For a long time, I had this idea in my head that it would be interesting to consider a society where all the citizens had the opportunity to go on a deeply transformative psychedelic journey.

A powerful psychedelic experience is not for everyone and when misused, psychedelics can…

A tip from Ph.D. Fadiman’s “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys”

3 day psychedelic journey
Good practice for Safe, Therapeutic and Sacred Journeys — Photo by Photo by Karsten Winegeart

Hello people!

Since I started off my career with psychedelics I have been confronted with thousands of questions about good tripping practices. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the day of the trip and how people should behave during the psychedelic journey.

Amazingly enough, for most questions…

You have been overdosing on marijuana and you didn’t even know it

how to dose cannabis
Why you are overdosing on cannabis and don’t even know it — Photo by Thought Catalog

Hello people!

For those who don’t yet follow my stories, I moved from Brazil to Holland to build my professional career with responsible practices of psychedelic and cannabic use.

In this journey, coming to Holland was fundamental, because I needed to immerse myself in a type of culture that embraces…

Cough season? This caffeine-free plant can clear the air.

herbs that are good for coughing
Goodbye Cough Season With The Honeybush! — Photo by Mukul Wadhwa

I am excited to share today a herb that I discovered recently, and since then, this plant and its history became a little obsession of mine.

The Honeybush (Cyclopia spp.) has been an integral component of the lives of the people from the southern parts of Africa for thousands of…

These plants help me stay active, focused, relaxed, and super productive.

healthy herbal routine
My High Performance Herbal Routine — Photo by Egor Lyfar

Hello people!

Since I moved to Amsterdam to build my career with psychedelics I unexpectedly developed my relationship with a bunch of plants native of South America that I never had contact with growing up in Brasil.

This led me to rediscover plants and to see them like personal allies…

Alexandre Porto

Pieces of the integral man. Specialist in responsible use of psychedelics.

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